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Through our range of projects in the educational sector, our mission is to promote affordable and accessible quality educational services for every individual, help in fulfilling their dreams and bridge the gap between theory and practice through the effective design and execution of industry specific programs which produce students coupled with attractive employment opportunities in the Makkah region and around the country.


We believe in the need for sustainable investments in the higher education sector, professional education sectors, language development and continuing education sectors. We believe in the positive impact of knowledge and its enduring effect on the student, the community and the socioeconomic impact upon it 


Inline with Vision 2030, we are committed to effectively design and implement a wide range of educational projects, in partnership with similar entities, for the purpose of satisfying tomorrow’s market need for skilled workforce which are equipped with the required theoretical backgrounds, practical skills and language proficiency to effectively contribute to the sustainable development of the Kingdom, and beyond. 


Dr. Hisham Jamjoom
Dr. Abdullah Dahlan
Dr. Shihab Jamjoom



Founded in 2000, UBT is a Jeddah based private university catering to male and female offering both undergraduate and graduate programs, With an alumni of over 4300. UBT is known by It's "Education for Job Opportunities" slogan. Among the highest rate of employability of graduates, UBT stands a leader with %78 of its graduates are employed within six months from the day of their graduation. 



Newsweek: The university that the kingdom’s employers trust above all others

CEO, UBT, Mohanad A. Dahlan, discusses the university’s monumental growth and exacting standards for specialist training

Technology in education is essential. It has created efficiency on a large scale. We introduced technology at all levels, from curriculum to operations, and our next international advisory board in November 2019 will discuss the so-called“technolution,”or technology evolution. It is all about how technology will take the level of education from where we are today into the future.

To this end, the authorities in Riyadh have made education a central element of its Vision 2030 initiative –and are looking to the private sector to help it rise to that challenge. One entity in the vanguard of this movement is the University of Business and Technology (UBT) Co., an umbrella organization that runs a university of the same name and the University of Business & Technology Academy (UBTA).

UBT Academy combines the best of the best together in one curriculum with the most qualified staff and highest standards for assessment to create a modern learning experience.

Mohanad A. Dahlan is CEO of UBT Company. An experienced and performance-driven executive with a proven history of working in a multinational environment, having worked internationally in five countries for over 14 years.

UBT Company intends to develop its services to include but not limited to Educational Investment, Higher Education, Long Training Programs, Short Training Programs, Language Training Programs, provides consultancy and manage education and training institutions across the Kingdom and beyond. 

Mohanad A. Dahlan is currently CEO of UBT Company. An experienced and performance-driven executive with a demonstrated history of working in a multinational environment, he has served in five countries over the past 14 years.

Having one of the highest rates of graduate employability, the University of Business and Technology (UBT) stands a leader, with 78% of its graduates employed within six months of their graduation. 


The University of Business & Technology (UBT) is one of the leading private higher education institutes in Saudi Arabia. It is dedicated to excellence in teaching, learning, research and consultations along with professional training. 

بواحد من أعلى معدلات التوظيف للخريجين، تقف جامعة الأعمال والتكنولوجيا (UBT)، تحت إدارة الدكتور أسامة جنادي؛ رائدة بمعدل ٧٨٪ من خريجيها الذين يحصلون على وظائفهم خلال ٦ أشهر من تاريخ تخرجهم؛ حيث تعمل الجامعة دائمًا على تهيئة  الطالب علميًا؛ لمواكبة التطلعات الوظيفية بعد تخرجه؛ من أجل ذلك كان شعارها “التعليم من أجل العمل".

Digital Excellence Award

University of Business and Technology received the Digital Excellence Award from Oracle 2017.

Business Excellence Award

University of Business and Technology is awarded The BIZZ for its distinguished Business Excellence 2017.

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UBTAcademy is a language institute that teaches a variety of languages including English, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic for non-speakers.

First Knowledge is a real-estate Investment & Development company primarily focused on education related properties. 

How UBT is Changing Education in Saudi Arabia

University of Business and Technology



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